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American Pure Whey Review
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AMERICAN PURE WHEY 100% Whey protein matrix, chocolate Review

AMERICAN PURE WHEY 100% Whey protein matrix, chocolate Review By Matt Morgan USES: I usually use this protein with my meals the slower digesting whey concentrate is perfect for a steady feed of protein threw the day. My preferred methods of this is to add it to oatmeal with a scoop of peanut butter this is a prefect meal with a lean protein source complex carbs and healthy fats.

I also will add it to pancake mix or waffle mix. It is also very good before a workout to keep a steady stream of amino acids fueling your muscle and keeping you from entering a catabolic state during your workout.

It can also be used post workout but i would give whey isolate a sligh edge here. So i would recommend a whey concentrate over isolate as a throughout the day protein source since it last longer in your system the only three times id use an isolate over it is first thing when i wake up, post workout two times when the faster digesting and acting isolate is better and if you are lactose intolerant.

Rating: Profile 10/10 You wont find a whey concentrate with a better profile. Taste 8.5/10 I prefer the cinnamon bun over this but it is still very good if your a chocolate lover which i am not. Mixablity 10/10 Nearly instantly completely dissolves whether you add it to milk water or even pancake mix and oatmeal. Cost 10/10 Blows away the compation especially if you buy 20 to 50 lbs like i do. Conclusion: Great tasting and mixing protein for daily protein replacement and needs i highly recommend it and use it myself daily to help me reach my 300 gram a day protein needs.  

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